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LGBT individuals and couples may face legal issues that require particular expertise and experience. Over the past 20 years, the attorneys at Masch, Coffey & Associates LLP have been at the forefront of advocacy for LGBT individuals and couples in Rockland County and the Lower Hudson Valley. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the constantly shifting landscape of federal, state and local laws affecting LGBT individuals and couples.

Now that New York has extended marriage rights to same-sex couples, many couples are finding that they need family law counsel. Other couples seek our advice and representation in an adoption, or with a will or trust. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to assist in all aspects of family law and estate planning.

One Firm — For All Families

At Masch, Coffey & Associates LLP, our lawyers look forward to serving families — all families — in order to protect them and create a strong community bond. We have decades of experience advising same-sex couples on how to protect their family relationships.

Thinking about getting married? Now that same-sex couples may marry in New York, individuals may have questions about the legal rights and obligations that come with marriage and whether marriage is the most appropriate step. For those who do choose marriage, getting a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement may be wise, especially if one or both parties have children from previous relationships. Unfortunately, federal and state laws deny tax benefits to same-sex couples, whether legally married or in a committed long-term relationship. We know how to address this. We also create domestic partnership agreements for those not getting married but wanting additional legal protections.

Getting divorced? Our advocacy during divorce is unrelenting. Our years of experience working with the LGBT community — by creating domestic partnership agreements and finding creative ways to use the law within its limitations — have allowed us to assist LGBT couples with legal issues long before other law firms. As such, we have the knowledge to protect their rights and pursue a resolution that meets their needs.

Want to bring a child into your life? Adoption is another area in which same-sex couples may need assistance. Our attorneys were among the first to handle second-parent adoptions in the early '90s in Rockland County. We can help with a second-parent or stepparent adoption. It is important for individuals to legally preserve the right to continue a relationship with children in the event of a divorce or the death of a spouse. Without this, an individual may find himself or herself without child custody or visitation rights.

Want to plan for the future? We offer estate planning services that fit the needs of each individual we serve. We do not offer one-size-fits-all packages, as those do not make sense, particularly for LGBT families, which may be blended families, with adopted children or children from previous relationships. Estate planning is not limited to wills, but also may include trusts, powers of attorney and more.

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We promise a safe place to discuss your legal needs. To arrange an initial consultation, call us at 845-639-8100 or contact us by email.

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We promise a safe place to discuss your legal needs. To arrange an initial consultation, call us at 845.639.8100 or contact us by email. Our office in New City is located just one quarter mile from the Rockland County Courthouse.

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