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Individuals concerned with the personal and financial affairs of an elderly parent or grandparent may petition the court for guardianship of the elderly individual's property and personal needs. Courts grant a guardian the authority to manage the finances and legal affairs of an adult who lacks the capacity to make reasonable decisions regarding his or her own financial affairs, living circumstances and medical treatment.

Becoming a guardian of an elderly loved one is not a simple process. Individuals can benefit from the assistance of the Rockland County adult guardianship lawyers at Masch, Coffey & Associates LLP. We have decades of experience providing guidance in all elder law issues.

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Article 81 Guardianship

Our attorneys assist clients in obtaining what is referred to in New York as Article 81 guardianship, or guardianship over an elderly loved one. In other states, this is sometimes referred to as conservatorship.

We will help determine whether obtaining adult guardianship is necessary. If it is, we will assist with all steps in the process, beginning with the petition as required by the New York State Mental Hygiene Law. In the petition, we will identify the incapacitated person, explain the situation and elaborate on the elderly individual's inability to manage the activities of daily life. From there, we will follow through until the matter is resolved and our client is named guardian.

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We promise a safe place to discuss your legal needs. To arrange an initial consultation, call us at 845-639-8100 or contact us by email.

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We promise a safe place to discuss your legal needs. To arrange an initial consultation, call us at 845.639.8100 or contact us by email. Our office in New City is located just one quarter mile from the Rockland County Courthouse.

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