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At Masch, Coffey & Associates LLP, we believe that readiness begins today — because the future always arrives sooner than expected. Elder law focuses specifically on the legal needs of the senior citizen community. The goal is to ensure that assets are preserved to allow the highest quality of life as one grows older, providing protection in the event of incapacity.

From our office in New City, our lawyers provide legal counsel for clients in Rockland County, Orange County and Westchester County in the New York Hudson Valley Region. Call us at 845-639-8100 or use our convenient email contact form to arrange an initial consultation.

Legal Services For Senior Citizens

The thought of becoming incapacitated is frightening. Being unable to care for oneself or communicate effectively is something that few want to think about. However, it is important for individuals to consider what will happen to themselves, their family and their estate.

Our Rockland County elder law lawyers have decades of experience helping senior citizens plan for the future and helping family members protect elderly loved ones whose mental or physical capacity is declining as they grow older. We help our clients consider various options, such as preparing an estate plan that includes a will, trust, power of attorney and advance medical directives, as well as determining whether adult guardianship is necessary.

Medicaid Planning

For most people, Medicaid benefits are going to be absolutely necessary as they grow older. Our attorneys will assist in making certain a senior citizen can make the most of these benefits. We will determine what assets are exempt from Medicaid look-back. We will assist in converting nonexempt assets to exempt assets through gifting and other methods.

Rockland County, Westchester County And Orange County Medicaid Planning Lawyers

We promise a safe place to discuss your legal needs. To arrange an initial consultation, call us at 845-639-8100 or contact us by email.

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We promise a safe place to discuss your legal needs. To arrange an initial consultation, call us at 845.639.8100 or contact us by email. Our office in New City is located just one quarter mile from the Rockland County Courthouse.

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